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We are good at developing weapons models, including cold weapons and firearms.
  • Revolver Gun

    A beautiful revolver gun with PBR materials for your shooting games!
  • Wintersweet Blade

    This package contains a Tang sword. Its design inspiration comes from wintersweet, so it is called the “Wintersweet Blade”. Virgo of our flower swords series, You can use it as a character's sword in your game.
  • Flower Series Sword Pack

    Flower series sword package, including rose sword, manjusaka sword and sakura sword for your ACT games.
  • Sci-Fi Gun Pack Vol.1

    This package contains 3 different Sci-Fi guns, ideal for your FPS, TPS, ACT games.


We are good at buildings models in urban environment, especially office buildings and infrastructure construction.
  • Wave Bridge

    This package contains a bridge called Wave bridge. Let it become one of the beautiful landmarks in your urban environment!
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